Are you.....

  • Feeling that September seems very close?

  • Worried that your child may not be ready for Reception?

  • Concerned that your child should be writing more by now?

  • Wondering how to encourage your child to sit still and focus at activities with you?

  • Unsure what will happen if your child is not toilet trained by September?

Your Complete Course is Here!

This course has been designed with busy parents in mind! Each lesson only takes a few minutes to watch and there is lots of practical help and advice.

    1. Welcome!

    2. Before You Start.....

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. The Reception Curriculum

    3. Reception Assessment

    4. What is Phonics?

    5. Unique Reception

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Common Concerns

    3. Effective Learning

    4. Communication is Key

    5. Regulation

    6. Physical Development

    7. Pre-Phonic Skills

    8. Early Maths

    1. Message from Vicki

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Preparing Yourself

    3. Preparing Your Child

    1. Message

    2. And Finally.....

About this course

  • Free
  • 21 lessons


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for parents who have children starting in a Reception class, in England, in September.

  • How does it work?

    This is a virtual course which you can follow at your own pace.

  • My child has SEND, will this course be the right fit for us?

    All children are different and this course would be appropriate for many parents of children with SEND, but not all. I invite you to try the course and decide which parts apply to your child/family.

  • Is it essential I join the facebook community?

    Our facebook community is a fantastic space where you can support and motivate each other and ask any question, however it is not essential that you join.

  • How long does access last?

    You will have 6 months access to this course.

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Victoria Yadav

Hello! I'm Vicki, a Child Development and Early Years Expert with over 10 years’ experience of teaching, leadership and governance. I founded Primary Steps, during my maternity leave, when I realised just how little decent help, support and information there is out there for parents. Having worked as a Lead Early Years Practitioner, offering support and advice to staff working in Early Years settings, I decided to transfer my skills to helping parents. Through Primary Steps I now help parents of 2-6 year olds to use playful and developmentally appropriate techniques to build strong foundations for the future. Alongside Primary Steps, I continue to lead an Award Winning and OFSTED rated 'Outstanding' Early Years department which I established in 2016.